2013 Guru Peyarchi To Dos & Donts & Jupiter Transit Rasi Palangal Benefits & Bads

guru peyarchi

2013-14 Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal

Guru Peyarchi / Jupiter Transit

Guru Peyarchi in tamil or Jupiter Transit in simple english is the astronomical event on 31.5.2013 in the universe space at 05:58:42 AM Indian standard time according to the Thirukkanitha Panchangam. One of the major planet Jupiter is powerful which is scheduled to fall under Gemini Mithuna Rasi in 2013 until 17.6.2014 and from there to head to zodiac sign Cancer Karkataka Rasi.

2013 Guru Peyarchi Downloads

We have all the date / data sheet of guru peyarchi since 2000. This list of predictions has even testimonials from beneficiaries who has approached us in association of their guru peyarchi pariharams and guru peyarchi remedies. We would love to share this informatic metrics with our beloved devoteees and seekers. All the gurupeyarchi forms are available in the most data formats like guru peyarchi word, guru-peyarchi pdf, guruu peyaarchi excel and ppt.

guru peyarchi tour 2013

In the event of upcoming 2013 guru peyarchi on 31st may 2013 The authorized The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation aka TTDC is offering a travel tour for worshippers in the name of ‘Guru Peyarchi’ pilgrimaege tour upto Thittai & Alangudi gurusthalam in the dist. of Thanjavur (the heritage kings) between May 28 & May 29. Only Rupees 1750 per head gets free transportation, accomodation and professional tour guide. For guru peyarchi reservation on online guru peyarchi booking contact us.

Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal

Every year when guru peyarchi happens all the rasikars google the internet for what is in future for them although they all know the future is always few trues manifested by even the world’s best astrologer. However this year in in rasi palangal for guru peyarchi 2013 find here the list of zodiac signs

  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Dhanush Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Kanya Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Karka Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Kumbha Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Makara Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Meena Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Mesha Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Mithuna Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Simha Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Tula Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Vrishabha Rashi
  • Guru Peyarchi Rasi Palangal for Vrishchika Rashi

Guru Peyarchi 2013 Pariharam and Remedies

If it is guru peyarchi event then there is no one exception in urge of pariharam and remedies as no one is perfect here and most of them want to have  strong wealthy healthy life and not to accept the pain. So guru peyarchi seekers prepare for the parigaram and remedy in english and pay to best jyotishs. Well, it is www world where in online this guru peyarchi remedy facts are free to download.

Guru peyarchi temples

Guru Peyarchi is the even remembers most humans face towards god and run around temples. ANd ofcourse to cure for the respective signs rasi palangal one wish to get it done immediately and here is the temple list according to rasi palangal of guru peyarchi 2013. You can visit the following after taking solution from the local jodhidar on what to do things, and when to do & donts things that will affect the pros and cons of guru peyarchi 2013.

  • Om Sakthi Karumariamman temple
  • Lord Bairavar Koil
  • Sani Bhagavan Temples
  • Lord Dhakshinamurthy Vazhipaatu sthalam
  • Lord shiva Kovil
  • Sivan / Shiva Places
  • Lord Murugan Aalayam
  • Nagadevi Dheivam
  • Snake temple
  • Any Hindu Temple you may wish
  • Navagraha Temple

But never forget to pay a visit to your (instant god) parents (mother / father) that too if they are orphaned which is the most ordeal any god will wish on any auspicious day.

Guru Peyarchi Time (Days, Weeks, Month in 2013 & 2014)

With the guru peyarchi rasi palangal will lead unto mid 2014 here are the days when one can make guru peyarch pariharangal and remedies on fridays, thursdays, tuesdays, saturday sundays along with your family, children, parents, sibblings and relatives and ofcourse know the time in advance whether rahu, kuligai, yamagandam, nalla neram.

To Do Things on Guru Peyarchi

When guru peyarchi falls the bhakthiyars / bhaksars / worshippers wants to do their best to the well wishing god so as to get his showers of blessings over them. Especially there are plenty of task and assignments one can work on guruppeyarchi

  • like visting temples
  • garlanding god, lord, lordess, goddess flowers
  • presenting coconut, fruits and eatables
  • reciting prayers, om sakthi slogans, kandha sashti Kavasam, 108 times Navagraha mantras,
  • doing homams
  • flowering snake goddess with lime / lemon garland
  • liting lamps (5 wigs kuthuvilakku) with gingelly oil / ghee in your home temples / pooja room
  • circling / roaming temples so many times
  • worshipping god in calm mind
  • and the most feeding (anna dhaanam) lot in large numbers to the poor and those who are in need

Guru Peyarchi Benefits

Here is the list of good things that may happen for your rashi in the event of guru peyarchi 2013

  • The prolonged and incomplete tasks gets over with new projects venturing into business from your dedicated hard work and patience will portray you as a professional along with respect, fame and popularity and for employees it is a promotion
  • Financial profits from near and dear friends and no enemies
  • Destiny favours you
  • Will lead a happiest and healthy Family life along family members with moral support especially from wife and children and relations
  • Students gets passed in exam proportionately to the dedication

Apparently there is always fall time for few when gurupeyarchi comes and until it goes

  • Interruptions in social status, legal problems, waste arguments and conflicts and business loss due to high expenditures and work load for workers
  • Restless mind filled with friends and family problems leading to betrayal
  • Prevention of financial loans will keep you in right place
  • Unnecessary painstaking travel leading to laziness

With the planets in and out, up and down, left and right bringing fluck and flaws still the human race has ready to face anything in future because future is always a history.


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