2013 Village Wise List of Gram Panchayat Pradhan Names

gram panchayatIn India there are Gram panchayats that looks after itself through its local self-governments. The gram panchayat are available at the village or small town level in the country. The Sarpanch takes responsible of the village. In India there are about 265000 gram panchayats in India under the establishment of the Panchayat System.

ALl the vote casters comes under the Gram Sabha of the village. The gram sabha takes decision as when they feel necessary.
The Gram Panchayat can be formed for atleast a population of over 750 to 25000. The gp member generally varies from 7 to 17 depending on the village population.

  • For Bareilly List of Gram Padhan names find here http://bareilly.nic.in/dpro/Gram%20Pradhan%20Add.%20&%20Name.pdf
  • Burdwan District Gram Panchayat Lif of Prodhan http://www.bardhaman.gov.in/collect/dprd/prodhan.pdf
  • Gram Panchayat of Himachal Pradesh List of Pradhans http://hppanchayat.nic.in/pdf%20files/NameGPsHimachal%20Pradesh.pdf
  • Jalpaiguri Zilla Parishad Gram Panchayat of List of Padhan Name http://jalpaigurizp.org/Gram_Panchayat.htm
  • Names of Tapi district gram panchayats 2013 http://tapidp.gujarat.gov.in/tapi/english/images/GRAM%20PANCHAYAT%20LIST-ENG.pdf
  • Himachal Pradesh Rural Gram Panchayat http://hprural.nic.in/Pdf/Shimla/0900010.pdf
  • Bidar Gram Panchayat Wise Village List http://www.bidar.nic.in/Generalfeatures/HumnabadGP.htm
  • Sarpanch List of Gram Panchayat of Odisha http://www.orissa.gov.in/panchayat/sarpanchgp.htm
  • Basavakalyan Gram Panchayat Village Wise List http://www.bidar.nic.in/Generalfeatures/BasavakalyanGP.htm
  • Bihar Gram Panchayat Names List http://www.brandbihar.com/english/panchayats_of_bihar.html
  • Shravasti GP Block Ikauna http://shravasti.nic.in/GP/GPikauna.htm
  • Birbhum Mouza Black Gram Panchayat http://birbhum.gov.in/DLLRO/Block_G.P._Mouza_J.L.No..pdf
  • Sultanpur Panchayat Wise List http://sultanpur.nic.in/drda/pwl/bhadar-sc.pdf
  • Kendrapara District Gram Panchayat Village http://kendrapara.nic.in/about_district/BlockGPvillage.html


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